The Sun Parade would like to welcome drummer Noam Schatz into the family! We are shaping into a powerful 4 piece and have some great shows lined up. There are some exciting new changes happening, so stay tuned to see our new push.

We are going to record with Dennis Chase this weekend and will be recording at Spirithouse Studio next week on our single “Wenonah”. Then will be filming a new video the first week of January with the lovely Ian Cinco who made our video for “Need You By My Side”. We’ll have a single and video release this January!

The Sun Parade

Opening for Lake Street Dive!!

We’re proud to say we are opening for our good friends Lake Street Dive on Dec. 27th at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA! They have had such wonderful success this year and we are so very happy for them.

Unfortunately for people who didn’t get a ticket, the show is SOLD OUT already! Sorry we didn’t warn you earlier. LSD are hitting it big time, gotta catch them soon.

Love The Sun Parade.

p.s (TSP might be playing at Toad in Cambridge the next night for people who didn’t get a ticket) stay tuned.

New sound and songs.

Come see us at Hinge in Northampton, MA on Tuesday 11/12! Our new set is something scope out.


Born Ruffians and The Sun Parade

TSP opened for Born Ruffians at Iron Horse 2 nights ago. It was wonderful meeting them and seeing them play. They are one of our favorite bands!


Summer jams, on tape man! Livin’ in the 413

Hey everybody! Sorry for the gap in communication. The Sun Parade has been very busy writing and perfecting new songs for our sophomore album we are about to start recording at the new and improved Spirithouse Studio. We’ve been on hold since June while Spirithouse is converted into an analog studio. There’s a new live room, control room, console, tape machine and fresh new rolls of tape. We cannot tell how excited we are to start.

Be on the look out for our Indiegogo campaign we are going to release in the next week. It’s a great way for you to pre-order your copy of our new CD set to be released in the Fall. And you’ll get it before it’s released to the general public.

We’ve got big plans for the near future and lots to show you. Be on the look out.

The Sun Parade

We are On The Road!

Goin’ Fast!

GRUFF SXSW 2013!! Almost On The Road

We are leaving in about a week for another sweet lineup of shows! Austin is gonna be sick with the Northampton RV Stage and we have some fine dates you can see in our shows list. We’ll be adding a couple dates as we go, so stay tuned. The Gruff Tour will end in Northampton on March 29 at Signature Sounds’ The Parlor Room with two separate shows happening at 7 and 9pm. Until we get to your town, heres a little something to check out from The Really Big Show.

A LIttle Something

Much Love!


The Sun Parade

Here Comes February… and other cool things, SXSW, new album….

Yep. It’s coming down fast. But the “F” month will be full of good times for all of us (and then over before you know it). We have been working on finalizing our March tour to and from SXSW and it’s gonna be a great one so stay tuned as we post dates. We may be playing in your town! Progress is also being made on a new recording project. New songs, new sounds, big ideas. We CANNOT wait to share the new things we’ve been working on. Should be out in time for a nice long summer


Guess what! The Sun Parade LOVES YOU bigtime! It’s really true. Thanks so much for swinging by the website. We’ll be here next time you come by :)


The Sun Parade



We Are Home!

Wow, we just home from our fall tour and it was amazing!! Thanks so much to everybody that came to our shows and let us occupy their living rooms and also Martin Sexton for having us open a string of great shows. Martin is righteous, and if he is in or near your town, GO to his show : )

We will be hanging out in the studio soon now that we are back in Northampton.

Love is all you need,

The Sun Parade


(Happy Thanksgiving!)


The Sun Parade is probably coming to a town near you over the next two months, take a look at the tour schedule and see if you can catch a show.  The band is heading across the country hitting NY, OH, IL, CO, WY, MI, OR, and meeting up with Martin Sexton in Salt lake and then doing a string of shows  with martin on the west coast before heading back across the south.  The shows have been going great so far.  The band made a lot of new friends at St Lawrence this weekend & now they’re on their way to OHIO.